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Telecoms play a vital part of your IT systems. Mobile, 3G, Lease lines, ADSL and now our Hosted Phone Systems. All of these from vital parts of the overall system, and UNS have teamed up with leading brands to provide our clients throughout Essex, London and the South East with end to end solutions for voice and data links.

Hosted voice solutions now allow our customers to reduce overall cost be eliminating expensive monthly line rentals, system maintenance and charges for adds, moves and changes by using existing broadband to deliver their calls, reliably, with great quality and from anywhere at any time, providing great business continuity.

So whether it’s getting the cost savings that Voice over IP can offer, looking at a new phone system, understanding how Skype can help you, or making sure you have the most competitive overall voice and data packages, UNS can help.

Many of our clients have made significant savings, some up to 40%,  by having our specialists take care of their voice and data. Most of all you’ll have one dedicated contact for all your voice and data needs.

Call now for a FREE cost analysis…you’ve got nothing to lose.


We’ve saved money and made administration much easier by having UNS handle all our voice and data needs. Thanks for all your help.”
The Bambach Saddleseat, Essex.

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