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5 IT Problems a Support Company Can Take Away

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When you first start your business, you have to take on all the jobs; credit control, marketing assistant, copywriter, admin assistant, IT support and more.

But as time moves on you find that you’re better at some jobs than others, and it’s better to outsource the things you’re not so good at.

You might have a Virtual Assistant to handle credit control and admin, hire an SEO consultant to handle your online marketing, and find the budget for a professional copywriter.

But one of the last jobs many people relinquish is the IT support. Which is funny really considering how many hours are spent agonising over crashed laptops, lost or failed backups, impossible networks and virus scares every year.

If you seem to spend more time working on IT than your business, here are 5 IT problems a support company could take away.

1) Virus fears

An IT support company can ensure that patches and antivirus updates for your PCs have been installed, as well as preventing spam from reaching your network, reducing the likelihood of your network being compromised.

Rather than rely on people in your network keeping anti-virus up to date and ensuring no cross compatibility issues, let an outside company monitor remotely to make sure your company has a safe and protected computing environment.

2) Security issues

With more and more stories of networks and servers being hacked, it can be hard work making sure that you’re safe and protected.

An IT support company can ensure your servers aren’t vulnerable, monitor for any ‘unauthorised’ activity and ensure that your organisation and company data is not at risk.

3) Lost data

You may back up regularly, whether to disk or to the cloud, but have you ever tried restoring your backups? It’s amazing how many companies go merrily along backing up only to find that restoring their backups isn’t as easy as they think. Or the backup isn’t as recent as they would like.

An IT support company can make sure that your data is backed up regularly AND carryout test restores, providing you peace of mind and leaving you free to work on your business, not on your IT.

4) Compliance issues

Do you have to demonstrate compliance or provide audit data? This can take a massive amount of your time if it’s not something in which you’re skilled.

An IT support company can ensure that you’re up to date with any compliance issues and provide an audit trail where necessary.

5) Wasted time

How many man hours a month do you lose due to IT issues? Outages, interruptions, failures, virus scares, programs not working, things crashing, components failing and more?

An IT support company can be your on call IT helpdesk, meaning less of your time is spent on every day IT problems and more time on building, growing and promoting your business!

Using 24/7 monitoring that keeps an eye on your system whilst you sleep, you can look forward to a day with no calls from employees and their pesky IT problems, just a smooth running business with no IT security issues – that’s what an IT support company can do for you.

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