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SuperOffice is a complete practice management solution. It has been designed to allow architects and designers to organise their project process from the initial feasibility study and concept stage through to specification, tenders and more. SuperOffice works with your existing CAD, word, excel, email and image files. Working from within the projects section of SuperOffice you can create files of any type seamlessly. Files are stored and managed without any further thought by the user. Files or documents can be complex CAD drawings or simple emails from clients or contractors. SuperOffice handles all the file storage per project via a simple user interface and can be accessed from every PC within your organisation.

SuperOffice is the perfect partner for tracking all those important documents and files leaving a fully searchable audit trail of historical data, ideal for those working towards accountability for ISO9001.

Not only does SuperOffice work as a total end to end project solution, it has comprehensive diary functions, record card style contacts and client tabs, uses Outlook as its own mail client, can easily be used in travel mode away from the office. It streamlines all your file searches to just a few clicks.

SuperOffice allows you to track costs on projects with users adding tasks such as phone calls, drawing printing or site visits, where these costs may be recoverable, reports can be run for invoicing.

One of the most useful features of SuperOffice is the Project function. This enables you to easily see all the grouped activities, documents, emails and follow-ups from every Company or individual involved in a particular project in one place.

Although this lends its self ideally to any organisation needing to track projects, it is also extremely useful for grouping together other tasks.

Handling greater volumes of information with IT systems that are becoming more and more complex places enormous stress on employees. It can in many cases also cause a decline in productivity and efficency. As organizations become more data-centric, they often neglect their most important activity – managing their data.

A few standard SuperOffice features include the following:

  • PDF Manager, convert any SuperOffice document to PDF with a single click
  • Address import from all your favourite sources
  • Manage timesheets and diaries
  • Share and manage company wide diaries
  • Track sales and project costs

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