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Focus on running your Business…….NOT YOUR NETWORK

UNS Predict. 24×7 Monitoring Services

Businesses are continually scrutinising IT budgets, so service quality and high availability demands are at an all time high. With internet and email now being at the centre of most business operations UNS Predict provides our clients with the peace of mind in knowing their system is being monitored, even whilst they sleep, highlighting potential failures BEFORE they occur.

UNS Predict never sleeps….

  • Monitors the crucial health and status of chosen devices or applications.
  • Remotely diagnoses issues BEFORE they occur.
  • Restarts essential services automatically.
  • Includes capacity reporting for better planning of future IT purchases.
  • Minimise network and device downtime, saving you money and increasing productivity.

For a no obligation chat about our system, or to book a *FREE system Audit call 0845 402 4315 now. (*terms and conditions apply)

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“We can always rely on UNS being there, always at the end of a phone to sort any issue – great support”
DBR Group

Video Transcript

Meet Tom. Tom looks after the IT for his company as well as doing his paid job in accounts. This works well until he gets really busy and something goes wrong with the IT, or someone needs help. Then he gets really frazzled when his workmates and his boss both want a slice of his time, It’s stopping him doing the job he’s actually paid for….accounts.

Tom is sure there must be a better way. But is he changes what will happen to emails, Internet and data? Will it be out of the frying pan into the fire?

Then one evening Tom is chatting with his buddy Steve, and Steve tells him about the UNS

Predict service. Steve tells him how it included a full Network assessment and a great report, and how UNS even took care of letting his existing supplier know he was moving on. There was no disruption in service, emails or Internet. UNS even covered his IT during the notice period for free they were brilliant.

So Tom gave UNS a call and our guys introduced him to some fantastic services. 24 hour monitoring, secure off-site data backup and regular review meetings where he could get some great new ideas to help the business use IT more effectively. And All for a simple fixed monthly fee with no surprises.

Now Tom has time to grab lunch with Sarah and can concentrate on doing what his boss actually pays for and not worrying about the IT because UNS have that covered for him. Oh, and he loves his new office!

Get your time back have your staff doing what you pay them for and what they are actually good at and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your IT is in expert hands

For your valuable, insightful and complimentary IT audit enter your details below and we will call you back. UNS. Making Technology work for you.

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