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Why is VOIP Such A Growth Area For Business IT?

As the internet becomes more and more vital to businesses of all sizes, the services that can be provided over ever faster connections has also grown. Whether it’s hosted email, applications like Office 365, or off site backup services, businesses are exploiting these connections to become more competitive, agile and cost efficient.

One of the biggest growth areas is in receiving voice, or VoIP as it’s more commonly known. That’s replacing traditional landlines with internet based lines.
So why is that such a growth area?

Well, regardless of your company size or the physical location of your employees, you are now able to deliver feature rich business telephony to every employee, from the cloud. Business communications are extracted out of your offices and placed in a secure and resilient location, closer to the public telephone network. The result; is location independence, allowing you to deliver business phone extensions to any employee, anywhere that acts as one seamless system. Add softphone capabilities to the mobile, and a single business communication solution is created that spans both fixed and mobile devices.

voip business ITWith this approach to business telephony the need for upfront purchase of equipment is removed and a solution can be procured on a pay-as-you-use subscription model. Here you pay for the number of users the business requires each month and only for the capabilities that are required by each user. You have the ultimate flexibility to add and remove users and with the ability to deliver services to any location, and have the ability to change where services are delivered as often as needed.

Gone is that expensive maintenance cost for an in-house telephone system, costly hardware and feeling as if you’ve bought into loads of complex features you’ll never need or use.

Let’s face it, not all business telephony users are the same. Some require support for multiple devices (desk phone, mobile, tablet etc.), voicemail or recording, while others may require contact centre capabilities. With cloud-based telephony you are in full control of what services are provisioned for each type of user, ensuring that you deliver the services that are required by your business, but not paying for the full breadth of services across all employees.

Calls are delivered into your business through Voice over IP (VoIP) to IP phones on users’ desks, softphones on PCs or softphone Apps on smartphones. This provides ultimate flexibility as to where voice services are delivered, enabling extensions to be distributed across multiple offices, to home workers or remote employees using their mobile or laptops. What is more, as users are not tied to a physical extension, hot-desking and flexible working is fully supported and simple to deploy.

And all of this comes from as little as £10 per month +vat per user.

Imagine being able to dial directly from your CRM system or Outlook and to have the correct record “pop” up on users screen when a client calls in. Well that’s also possible using VoIP. Service improves, call cost reduces through less call backs and efficiency increases too.

If you’re not already looking at how VoIP can aid your business then your competitors probably are.

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