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Backup and DR

In these Blog’s I’ll aim to provide a source for practical knowledge on running IT in small and mid-market businesses. This will be gleaned from 15 years experience as MD of a successful IT support and service company, and most importantly from the projects we’ve undertaken, and our clients feedback.

I aim to cover everything from Finance and budgeting for IT, to selecting the right solutions, tips and tricks for well known products, through to clearing up (in my view) some over hyped terms such as Cloud Computing.

Let’s start though with something we are more and more frequently being asked about, and are often working on for our clients….Backup and Data Security.

Over the years, the amount of storage we’re all using has grown massively, and with it the cost and time involved in securing our data. It’s often the case now, even in small businesses, that a traditional backup to tape, on a File Server for example, is not completing overnight as it used to, or needs two tapes, defeating the object of automatic backup, as some poor sole has to change it manually!

On PC’s and notebooks, users often don’t bother at all or forget, and risk losing vital Company data.  It’s a fact that 40% of businesses that lose data and are out of action for 7 days, don’t survive.

Add to this the fact that storage need is only increasing, and many businesses are presented with a major issue.

Some ideas

  1. We’ve been working with our clients to provide simple, cost effective off-site backup with iVault, a totally automated, secure, Off-site backup solution we host for them. It can work on Servers, PC’s Notebooks, Apple, Windows, Linux and can include emails, photos, documents, databases and more.  It’s quick to setup, fully automatic and totally secure. Data can be restored via a web browser of the software, and it eliminates the cost and hassle of tapes for a small monthly fee.
  2. Disk to Disk is now pretty standard and simple to implement. Many backup packages can backup to network attached disk, which is relatively cheap, reliable and easy to setup. This means that your live data is sent to a network disk, then can be backed up to tape from there. That part can take as long as it needs to as it’s not “live” so doesn’t affect performance. Data can be restored quickly from the disk, as you’re not having to hunt for backup tapes and wait for them to load.
  3. For smaller amounts of data there are secure, encrypted USB hard drives no bigger than a smart phone. Most modern backup software will backup to these disks, and you could have two, one left on site and a one you swap it with each night and take off-site. Alternatively one can be used with a notebook or PC to provide “user” data backup.

One benefit now is that storage has become much less expensive, so it’s now possible to provide ample amounts of disk based backup, and then compliment that with iVault Off-site for total peace of mind. There’s no need to risk losing your data anymore.

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