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IT Support – The Big Issues Facing SMEs Today

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What are the three biggest issues in IT support Essex companies face today?

As anyone in business knows computer systems, emails and technonolgy are the glue that holds it all togther.

Businesses can use IT in a variety of ways to improve their service and increase efficiency, lower costs and grow. However not all businesses have the IT support that they need, so what are the major issues?

Current supplier not providing a tailored, preventative service.

This is the old method of IT support – services that are reactive and only kick in once a problem has arisen. This means that the business will have downtime at various points as they cure rather than prevent!

In this model business loses time and function whilst waiting for the call out engineer to arrive.

In-house IT manager on the payroll

This seems like a perfect solution and in some ways is – until one looks at the stats!

First of all it can be expensive to pay a dedicated IT engineer a salary, plus other costs like pension, health, etc. However for a company of a certain size and turn-over it can often make financial sense, but it is not just about finances.

Other than costs the big issue is keeping the in-house IT expert interested. Once the system is set up and all the monitoring agents are introduced and working correctly there is often not too much more that needs to be done.

At this point the IT employee often becomes bored and statistics show that 2 – 5 years is the average time an IT employee will stay with an SME. At that point it is necessary to start the hiring process again and whilst this does cost money the real cost is that of continuity – a new man comes in and has a different methodology or different types of software and hardware and that translates into a lack of continuity.

IT as hot potato

The third and surprisingly common scenario is when the IT support becomes a ‘hot potato’ and employees are pulled off their own job to fix a problem, eventually, what we call the break-fix man is called in. The cost of this is enormous in terms lost productivity – low efficiency and downtime on the IT system, plus the fact that at least one person is not doing the job they are paid for whilst trying to fix the IT issue.

Unique Networks – Our IT Managed Services solution

We do an audit of what your IT set up is costing you in real terms. This means that we go through every step and process within your business looking for IT issues that can be improved – you would be surprised at what we often find!

We then put an ‘agent’ into every device to monitor its performance, this allows us to identify potential problems and fix them before they cause downtime!

Another massive advantage with using Unique Network’s managed IT Support plans is the fact that call-out companies only get paid when things go wrong so there is no motivation for a focus on prevention. With UNS our service is charged based on keeping the system running, so it is in our interest as well as yours to keep everything up and running.

Our Managed IT Support plans, as well as keeping your system up and running at optimal performance, allow you to budget because you know in advance exactly how much it will cost – so there are no hidden surprises.

UNS also hold regular meeting with clients to update them on what is happening with their IT system, to identify potential future problems and these meetings also help us to get to know the business and so to better serve you and help you grow your business.

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